Video: Brooke Shields Learning to Walk Again After Breaking Her Femur

The former supermodel makes use of Instagram to share her positive outlook as she begins her recovery after injuring her thigh bone in an undisclosed accident.

AceShowbiz - Brooke Shields is starting to learn to walk again after injuring her leg. The former supermodel has taken to her Instagram account to give a look at her recovery after breaking her femur, a condition which she only disclosed on Sunday, February 21.

Making use of the social media platform to share a video of her learning to walk, she let her followers know that she's decided to look on the positive things despite the recent unfortunate situation. "Broke my femur. Beginning to mend," she wrote in the caption, before adding, "No matter what your challenge is, make a positive choice, for yourself, to move forward. #BeginningisNow."

In the video, meanwhile, Brooke was slowly walking with two crutches while wearing a hospital gown and non-slip socks. A man, possibly a doctor, was heard instructing her on how to use her new crutches.

"The Blue Lagoon" star, whose face was not captured in the video, had to remind herself several times the right way to step on. "There's only 20 percent weight...," she said on how much weight she puts on her injured femur. "The goal is to bend your knee each time like a little bit, just so you're not dragging it or hitching up your hip."

Brooke, however, didn't offer an explanation as to how she broke her femur.

Back in October 2020, Brooke spoke to PEOPLE about staying active by working out amid the coronavirus lockdown. "I used to get fit doing Broadway shows eight times a week but I always did it for the show or for the job because the camera is not always kind. So there was a vanity reason. I never knew I could find a place of peace that did not deal with outside appearances," she said.

The 55-year-old beauty also talked about sharing her workout routines on her social media posts. "My Instagram workouts were never meant to be a stressor," she explained. "They're just accessible, and a way to have movement and endorphins. It's funny to do arm presses with two bottles of wines. We don't all have our fancy gyms at the moment but I can guarantee, if you do something for five minutes, it will be a positive."

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