Bethenny Frankel Donates Over $500K to Texas Following Winter Storm and Power Outages

The former member of 'The Real Housewives of New York City' has pledged to send $540,000 worth of aid to Texas residents following crippling winter storm.

AceShowbiz - Bethenny Frankel is sending aid to Texas amid the unprecedented winter storm.

The 50-year-old reality TV star is using her BStrong relief initiative to send $540,000 (£385,479) worth of aid to the people of Texas, after an icy storm took hold of the state and left millions without power or heat in the freezing conditions.

BStrong has already helped to transport $180,000 (£128,493) in aid via trucks filled with food and supplies and has an ultimate goal of $540,000 by the end of the weekend (20-21Feb21).

In an Instagram post, Bethenny explained, "Given the current humanitarian crisis in Texas, #BStrong is loading trucks of aid to distribute to those ravaged by power outages, sub zero temperatures, lack of and contaminated water, death, and homelessness. Thank you to our new transport partner, @thencsgroup, for making this effort possible."

“#BStrong and @globalempowermentmission have distributed more than $80 million (£57 million) in crisis relief and PPE worldwide, in 3 years. We operate without bureaucratic red tape, no drama & no waiting. (100 per cent) goes directly to the effort, as always. Our warehouse is loaded with aid to help those who so desperately need us."

"YOU have literally been the heroes in all of these disaster relief efforts, digging deep when it's hardest to do so. #thisisacrisis within a crisis. Swipe to see photos of our tireless warriors sorting and loading aid in our warehouse. Click the link in my bio or go to to donate now. (sic)"

The former "The Real Housewives of New York City" star also posted a video in which she detailed how the aid BStrong is sending will directly help people in Texas.

She said, "People are freezing, people have nothing, people are hungry and cold and their homes have been wrecked and destroyed. It's a time of need, and it's a disaster, and a crisis within a crisis."

"BStrong specialises in immediate disaster relief - no blaming, no complaining, get the aid to the people with full transparency to you. So, where your money's going in this case for this effort is we have trucks that hold these boxes that feed a family of five for a month."

"One truck will bring $180,000 of aid and feed 5,000 people. So right now, we have one truck going and our goal will be three trucks by this weekend. The temperatures will be warmer, that'll be a little bit of a relief."

Bethenny also sent her thanks to those who have already donated or spread awareness for the cause.

She added, "Thank you, because it makes a difference. The $5 (£3.57), $10 (£7.14), the tweets, Instagram posts, the sharing, the messaging - you are literally part of this effort and it's so moving because you're making a difference. So when you ask me, 'How can I get involved?' - you are involved! If you're watching this, you're involved, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart and Texas thanks you."

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