Boosie Badazz Responds to Backlash Over His 'Misogynistic' Comments on Lori Harvey

The Baton Rouge rapper was previously dragged online for saying in an interview for VladTV that while he would sleep with the Instagram model, he didn't want to marry a woman like her.

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) has reacted to the backlash over his "misogynistic" comments on Lori Harvey. In a recent interview with VladTV, the Baton Rouge rapper claimed that while he would sleep with the Instagram model, he didn't want to marry a woman like her. He also took issue with people calling Lori a "goal" for her long dating history.

Despite the criticism, Boosie didn't plan to retract his remarks. Boosie even doubled down on his comment in an Instagram video that he shared on Wednesday, February 17. "I wake up to all these Lori Harvey fans on my a**…talkin' bout' I'm hating on Lori. Why would I wanna hate on Lori for?" Boosie ranted while driving his car. "I just say y'all got it f***ed up saying that's goals. If you sayin' that's goals, that means you want your daughter to f*** seven or eight, nine n****s in a couple months…in the industry."

"If that's goals, if that's cool with you, for your daughter doing that…then I can't say s**t. But what's wrong with y'all motherf***kers is…y'all salute the woman who get passed around, but y'all dog the woman who stick by they n***a when they n***a f**k over," he added. "Y'all dog the real b****es who stick by they n****a, but y'all salute the b****es who go from hand to hand. The world f***ed up."

In the controversial interview, the "One of Them Days Again" spitter said of Lori, "I think we need to stop giving the women the power with situations like this. Girls keep saying it’s 'goals' but this is not goals. We gotta start giving the bachelors, the men, who are running through a beautiful woman like this the credit, who not housing her, running through her."

The rapper added that the music industry wasn't helping the situation, saying, "You got to look at the bachelors who hear her on somebody song and be like 'who everybody talking about?' 'Watch this! I'm finna go get her.' you got to give the bachelors some kind of credit." Further enraging people, Boosie also called Lori's current boyfriend Michael B. Jordan a "simp."

Before moving on to the next topic, Boosie admitted that he would sleep with Lori. However, he said that he would never marry her. "I'm just trying to f**k…I just want a beautiful good girl," he reasoned.

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