Lana Condor 'Very Grateful' to Michelle Obama for Giving Her Chance to Retrace Her Adoption Journey

During an appearance on 'Live with Kelly and Ryan', the 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' star talks about how she and her brother Arthur got adopted from an orphanage in Vietnam.

AceShowbiz - Actress Lana Condor is forever indebted to Michelle Obama for inviting her on a charity trip to her native Vietnam, where she retraced her "beautiful" adoption journey.

The "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" star and her brother Arthur were adopted from an orphanage in Vietnam, and she had never revisited the country of her birth until the former U.S. First Lady came calling.

"We were adopted at a really young age and brought to America," she tells "Live with Kelly and Ryan". "Michelle Obama... contacted me and wanted me to go do some work with her foundation in Vietnam and so I bought the whole family."

"After I worked with the Obamas, we went back to the orphanage where my brother and I were from and it was so crazy. I saw the corner where my crib was, where my dad first found me... It was such an amazing experience and we got to do that right before travelling stopped [due to COVID-19]. I was very grateful."

Lana insists her adoptive father knew she was the baby girl he wanted to take home as soon as her saw her.

"I guess I was kind of whimpering and my dad picked me up and he said he knew immediately [he wanted to adopt me]," she smiled. "They had only planned to adopt a baby girl but then my mum, on the other side of the room, fell in love with Arthur, my brother, so they went home with two [babies]."

And the family even drove the "same roads" Lana's parents navigated on their original trip to the orphanage.

"It was just beautiful," she added. "I like to share these stories in case anyone out there is even thinking about adoption or it’s a tiny voice in their head. It's a beautiful thing and I am nothing without my family. They are my everything."

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