Jenny Slate Gives Birth to Daughter, Reveals Her Name
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Gushing about officially being a mother, the 'Parks and Recreation' alum shares that 'motherhood is the most meaningful thing that has ever happened to me.'

AceShowbiz - Congratulations are in order for Jenny Slate for officially being a mother. The 38-year-old actress gave birth to her first child, a baby girl, with fiance Ben Shattuck. She confirmed the big news to Entertainment Tonight.

"Yeah, I'm not pregnant anymore," the former "Parks and Recreation" actress joked, adding, "The baby came out!" She then revealed that they named her baby Ida Lupine, explaining that they chose Ida because both she and Ben really "loved the name." Meanwhile, Lupine is one of the couple's favorite flowers.

"I can say, without a doubt, motherhood is the most meaningful thing that has ever happened to me," she went on to say of being a mother. "I feel really lucky."

Further gushing about entering the motherhood, Jenny divulged, "Being a mother is such a joy. It's so cliche but I love it," adding that she's fallen even more in love with her partner after seeing him become a dad. "He was so sweet and supportive toward me. We are already very, very close, but I guess you can get closer and closer when your love is healthy and good."

"That's something that I'm grateful for every day. That and our sweet gal!" she continued. The "Zootopia" star also noted that Ida is "a sweet, happy baby" and a "good sleeper."

Jenny later revealed that when she announced her pregnancy in December 2020, she was "basically like four days away" from her due date. At the time, she told Seth Meyers on "Late Night With Seth Meyers", "Let me tell you, on night one of the lockdown, we had a really romantic night of being together, real sweet with my fiance."

"And then I did what everyone else did. I kind of hunkered down and baked a lot of bread. But I just want to say I think I might have baked too much bread or eaten too much bread. You tell me, Seth," she added.

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