The 'Grand Budapest Hotel' actor opens up that he refuses to be idle and always keeps himself busy in order to prevent himself from sinking into dark place.

AceShowbiz - Actor Ralph Fiennes puts himself up to various "tasks" to keep himself busy and stave off a bout of depression.

The "Skyfall" star admits to feeling a little low first thing in the morning during the various coronavirus lockdowns, so he's had to find ways to keep his mind occupied.

He said, "My mental health is such that I need to keep busy. If I don't give myself tasks, whether it's learning a language or doing exercise or something, I can sink into..."

"The morning time is the worst. In that weird place between sleep and wakefulness, I feel a low thing coming into me. But then I get up and start the day and I do stuff and it's sort of OK."

"I live on my own and I'm happy on my own," he added. "But incrementally, over weeks and weeks, it does become a bit bizarre, a bit Twilight Zone."

The Brit is thankful not to have contracted the coronavirus to date, because he's had some friends who have really suffered.

He told The Times' Saturday Review, "I've not had COVID. I'm hearing from friends who've had it and it's not really something you want to get. I know you can get it lightly, but having it seriously is not fun."

And although Ralph's work schedule for the next few months has been thrown into disarray due to the pandemic, he's learned to make the most of the unexpected break he had always longed for.

"About three months ago I knew what I was doing, but then everything that was slated got moved around," he explained. "Look, for so long I used to say, 'I want a sabbatical.' And now I've got one."

Fiennes is due to return as MI6 boss M in the next James Bond movie, "No Time to Die", and just before the news of its latest release postponement emerged last week (22Jan21), he had been hoping MGM studio bosses would just release the blockbuster as planned in April (21).

"I want to be optimistic and hope that they hold their nerve," he said, days before Friday's official announcement bumped the film to October.

"As a punter I would love to go and sit and watch a big movie in the cinema. I feel a real hunger to be in a cinema, so I hope they hold their nerve."

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