Busta Rhymes Reveals His Weight Loss Transformation Began With Bodybuilder Fan's DM

The 'I Know What You Want' rapper claims to be battling sleep apnea and breathing difficulties before he got in contact with Dexter Jackson and worked on losing 100 pounds.

AceShowbiz - Busta Rhymes' amazing 100 pound (45.3 kilogram) weight loss began with a text to a professional bodybuilder fan.

The rapper recently showed off his toned physique and now tells Men's Health magazine he owes his body transformation to Dexter Jackson, who helped him on the road to a new look.

The fitness expert's direct message to Busta, revealing he was working out to one of his songs, could not have come at a better time - the rap star, real name Trevor George Smith, Jr., was at an unhealthy low while working on his "Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God" album, and battling sleep apnea and breathing difficulties.

"I knew s**t was serious," he says. "The doctor told me that if I caught a cold or slept wrong that I could die... It felt like this was on me now, and I had to steer things in a different direction. I was too young to be on all of these blood-pressure medications and acid-reflux medications."

And then came Dexter's DM.

"I told him I needed his help and I gave him my number and he hit me back right away," Busta recalls, revealing he moved to Florida for a month to begin his training with Jackson, who recruited a personal chef to cook up regular healthy meals based around egg whites.

Busta revealed his weight loss on social media in October (20), sharing a then and now photo comparison on Instagram. In November, the 48-year-old told the New York Post that it was the 2019 murder of Nipsey Hussle which sparked his decision to embark on a new health kick.

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