Mel C Believes Victoria Beckham Is Coming Around to Rejoining Spice Girls
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While her former bandmate has made it clear that performing is currently not on her agenda, the Sporty Spice claims that she was very involved in the creative and everything that the group did.

AceShowbiz - Victoria Adams is considering a return to the Spice Girls, according to former bandmate Melanie Chisholm a.k.a. Melanie C.

The singer-turned-fashion mogul refused to rejoin the girl group when the stars reunited for a 2019 tour, but Mel C insists the current quartet hasn't given up on a full band get together.

"We found it hard last year and we did really miss her. We're still really close and it's so important to us that she is happy with everything," she told Zane Lowe on the latest episode of "Essentials Radio" on Apple Music 1. "She (Victoria) was very involved in the creative and everything that we were doing in the show. And I think she really found it difficult. That first night, when the pictures (of the reunion meeting) were beamed all over the world, it was hard for her... I feel for her."

"The thing is now, we have come to this point in our lives where we do, we really respect each other. And we never want anyone to do anything they don't feel comfortable doing. But yeah, we might have to get her hypnotised. I have to say, I feel like she's coming around. So we'll keep working on her."

But Adams has made it clear a return to performing is currently not on the agenda for her, recently revealing she was never comfortable singing and dancing in the Spice Girls, who this year celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of their first single, "Wannabe".

Mel C also talked about Geri Horner's departure from the band back in 1998. "There was mixed emotions about it. I think we were shocked at the time and obviously hurt and upset, but in all honesty, we did understand. We were in this pressure cooker and she needed to get away. She needed some space and as hard as it was, it was what she had to do. And even though at the time it was hard for us, we had to respect that," she shared.

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