Iggy Azalea Continues to Blast Playboi Carti and His Side Chick After Hinting at Calling a Truce

Despite saying that she hates 'to see the bad part of me have to come out at times,' the 'Fancy' hitmaker alleges that a friend of Playboi's side check leaked her pregnancy to the media.

AceShowbiz - Iggy Azalea isn't done trashing Playboi Carti and his side chick, who is named Brandi. After hinting that she's ready to wave a white flag with her baby daddy, the Australian rapper has come out with new allegations against the father of her son as well as his side chick.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, she shared alleged new scoops about Playboi's relationship with Brandi. According to her intel, the Atlanta star didn't only cheat on Iggy with Brandi, but also with Brandi's BFF.

This allegedly happened in December when Iggy was five months pregnant with her and Playboi's first child together, which led to the leak of her to the public. The "Black Widow" raptress claimed that her baby daddy let slip the baby news because of a pregnancy scare. Iggy alleged Playboi had the other side chick take a plan B to prevent another pregnancy and accused one of the two ladies to have leaked her pregnancy news to the press.

"Now I have always wondered how it came out in December last year that I was pregnant and that I was having a boy," she said in an audio posted on her Stories. "So what I'm hearing now is the reason why that came out is because Brandi's friend who was getting f**ked in Miami while she was there by my man at the time, got f**ked raw and my man started freaking out saying 'I'm having a boy this can't happen. She has to take a plan b.' "

Blasting Brandi for allegedly lying about being aware of Playboi's relationship with Iggy at the time she was involved with him, she claimed, "I will keep pulling receipts... and I have them."

Iggy went on telling Brandi's family to stop talking about her after an apparent relative of Brandi's weighed on the drama between the two ladies and Playboi. "Play p***y get f**ed!! Stop thinking with yours!! Threats to my kids..Im bout dat! Stay DF out my inbox explaining yourself! I dont give 2 flying monkey f**ks! STFU before I start dropping screenshots b***h!" the woman wrote on Instagram Stories while tagging Iggy.

Catching wind of the shade, Iggy responded, "A baby is not a pawn!! Shall I continue?" She added, "It's the lying to me for no reason that upsets me. What we not about to do is delete s**t and sub me you crusted old b***h."

She went on blasting Playboi for using their child to "manipulate" her while directing her message to the said woman, "This man won't even FaceTime my son unless I'm on the call @prettieyeddimplez you stupid old b***h. He's got the nannies number to call, he doesn't want to."

"Men use children to manipulate too which is what's been happening to me. NOT the other way round and even after all that's happened I could still go take a squat on my BD face ANY time I want. Know that!" the 30-year-old mother of one claimed.

Iggy added that Playboi always wanted her to come with their son instead of only sending their child with the nanny to meet the father in Atlanta. "Every time I'd be out there he's f**king me and spending the night!!! Period!!!" she shared. "So y'all look dumb as hell thinking I chase anyone or use my child as a porn. Imagine. That!" she wrote.

She also urged the woman to "give their own family better advice" as she insisted that "your girls 'man' is very much the one who chases after me, manipulated me via my own child & has had full access to his child since birth."

Prior to this, Iggy hinted that she tried to patch things up with Playboi after throwing a social media rant against him for missing out a planned Christmas vacation with his family to throw an album release party, which was attended by his side chick. "I've spoken to my bd," she tweeted on earlier Sunday, December 27. "As f**ked up as this s**t's been... it was for the best because now s**ts aired out & gonna change for the better w my son. That's all I wanted." She added, "I hate to see the bad part of me have to come out at times because I'm really just a baby angel."

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