Kristen Stewart Got Sick With Covid-19 on Set of Her New Movie 'Happiest Season'

According to co-star Aubrey Plaza, the former' Twilight' actress battled the deadly coronavirus early this year while they were on set filming the new Christmas rom-com.

AceShowbiz - Aubrey Plaza has revealed Kristen Stewart tested positive for COVID-19 while filming new movie "Happiest Season".

The two stars filmed the project back in February (20) and Aubrey let it slip that her castmate fell ill as the shoot wrapped.

"COVID-19 was on our set," she said during an appearance on "The Late Show" on Friday (04Dec20). "Kristen got sick. Well, we didn't know. A lot of people got sick. It was the last week of February. It was that zone where people were starting to talk about coronavirus, but people were kind of laughing about it. No one understood how serious it was. I think a bunch of people on our set got sick. I didn't, thank God."

She also told "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert she was disappointed that her character in the film didn't end up with Stewart's.

"I wanted it very badly," she added, "but I didn't write the thing and I didn't direct the thing. I showed up, did my job, and got out of there. There are some things you just don't have control over."

"I'm not giving up hope for (character) Riley. I think she's got a bright future ahead."

Responding to comments from film fans, who also wanted to see Riley end the movie with Stewart's character Abby, writer/director Clea DuVall recently told Elle, "Aubrey Plaza is amazing. She's such a babe. I don't blame anyone for wanting to see more of her, but I think the debate is less about the film and more about your philosophy on forgiveness and growth."

"You don't go through a hard couple of days after a long period of time, meet a stranger, and cut and run. Even if that person is Aubrey Plaza."

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