Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise Approached by PETA to Help Promote Meat-Free Thanksgiving
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The two Hollywood stars are among the nine top Toms the animal rights organization sent letters and a basket packed with a vegan turkey roast, stuffing, gravy and carrot cake cookies.

AceShowbiz - Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise have been recruited to help PETA bosses spare Tom the Turkey this Thanksgiving.

The movie stars are among the nine top Toms, who have been sent letters and vegan gift baskets in the hope they'll help animal activists promote a meat-free Thanksgiving next week (November 26).

The packages will also include photos of turkeys PETA chiefs are hoping to save as part of a 'ThanksVegan' campaign.

"Pardon us, Tom, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we need to talk turkey," the letters begin. "Considering all that we've been through this year, just about everyone recognizes that it's time to make a significant change for human health, the environment, and animals."

The letters go on to explain how vegan feasts save millions of baby turkeys from being slaughtered, combat climate change, fight world hunger, and prevent future pandemics.

To help the Toms make the switch, PETA is sending them all a basket packed with a vegan turkey roast, stuffing, gravy, carrot cake cookies, and more.

Joining Hanks and Cruise on PETA's list of Toms are sportsman Tom Brady, Tom Selleck, Tommy Lee Jones and designers Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger.

"The deadly novel coronavirus is linked to raising and killing animals for food, as are many past major diseases. Think of swine flu, bird flu, SARS, Ebola, and so on. In fact, 60% of known infectious diseases in humans are transmitted from other animals," the letter reads. "Ugh! No one wants that on their plate."

"Like microwaving leftovers, eating animals warms things up dramatically. Cutting out meat and dairy cold turkey is the single most significant action that individuals can take to reduce their impact on the environment."

"Thanksgiving is about being grateful and giving back. Leaving animals off your plate spares them a lifetime of suffering and a violent end. And eating vegan combats world hunger. There's not enough land on Earth to raise the animals needed to feed everyone the average American diet, and about 70% of the grain grown in the U.S. already goes to feed livestock. It's high time that we got back to the basics: plants. We're asking you to help lead the way."

"Please pardon Tom for Thanksgiving by leaving dead turkeys out of your holiday plans, and instead gobble vegetables and other healthful, plant-based vegan foods."

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