Nipsey Hussle's Fans Fuming Over Vandalism of His Marathon Clothing Store

A social media user is clearly upset while filming the shop in Los Angeles which windows have been shattered and walls have been tagged with graffiti, warning the culprit(s), 'It will be bad for you.'

AceShowbiz - Marathon Clothing is one of the legacies left by Nipsey Hussle when he tragically passed away at 33 years old last year. Yet, some people didn't understand how deep the brand and the store hold a meaning to the hearts of the late rapper's fans as they have vandalized the Marathon Clothing in Los Angeles, California.

Located at the Crenshaw and Slauson corner, the shop has been turned into a mess after an unknown group smashed all the windows, looted the store and tagged graffiti on the walls. But the store was not the only building targeted by the culprit(s) as all stores in the strip mall appear to have been damaged too.

A person who filmed the damage done to the Marathon Clothing store was clearly upset by the vandalism. He said in the video which has gone viral, "Whoever did this s**t - if we ever find out who did this, it's ugly for you cuz... I swear to God. We gon hurt somebody cuz. You n***as some f**king haters. This s**t is f**ked up. B***h a** n***as."

Thankfully, some good Samaritans have teamed up to clean up the mess. The angry fan apparently joined them, picking up a broom to sweep up the glass in the parking lot.

The assailants have not been identified as it's not clear if the vandalism has been reported to police.

The location is the same exact place where Nipsey was killed after Eric Holder shot him at least 10 times in the parking lot on March 31, 2019. Thus, many think the vandalism was disrespectful to the late rapper. One person reacted to the video, "this has me really upset." A confused fan asked, "Now why would they do that." Another was equally baffled as asking, "What's wrong with people."

Condemning the brutal act, a fourth person exclaimed, "Beyond disrespect!" Another echoed the sentiment as commenting, "It's sad you'd disrespect the legacy of a man that gave so much for his people smh."

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