Drake Is Fine After 'RIP Drake' Trend Sends Fans Into Frenzy

While the Canadian star is fine and all, 'RIP Drake' was seen trending on Twitter for no clear reasons over the weekend, causing panic and confusion among the users.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Drake apparently is the latest target of random "#RIP" trend on social media. While the Canadian star is fine and all, "RIP Drake" trended on Twitter for no clear reasons over the weekend, causing panic and confusion among the users.

"i saw #RIPDrake trending and had a f***ing heart attack," a fan reacted to the hashtag. "Y'all still playing with peoples life after all we been through in 2020? #RIPDrake," someone else wondered. Twitter itself helped explain that the hashtag was nothing but a lie by writing, "No, Drake is not dead," in the description.

It appeared that a Twitter user that goes with @0rnis was the one responsible for the hashtag. Not expecting a blowup, the person took to the blue bird app to explain that the hashtag was actually an inside joke between friends. "Yo, I don't really know what's going on, but the #RIPDrake thing was a joke between me and a bunch of friends," the person tweeted on Saturday, November 14.

"It wasn't some giant advertising ploy or 4chan thing. I'm sorry to the people it effected and seeing what this became has tought me to think more before my actions," the user went on saying.

Other fans quickly blasted the user for joking about people's death. "WTF BRO I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT SOMEONE WOULD LIE?????????????? ON THE INTERNET???????????? THATS IT!!!!! YOU WILL BE CANCELLED NOW," one raged fan responded. Seemingly referring to COVID-19 that kills a lot of people, another fan added, "smh this ain't the time or place to be making such a hashtag like that. :( Especially around 2020." Some people, however, defended the person, writing, "Yo people gotta relax a lil a trend on Twitter isn't the end of the world."

While Drake has yet to address the bizarre hashtag, the "In My Feelings" hitmaker shows that he's alive and well by updating on his Instagram account. On Sunday, November 15, the rapper re-shared a post by Swedish model twins Victoria Lejonhjarta and Elizabeth Lejonhjarta who starred in his extensive album art for "Views".

Prior to this, Trippie Redd found himself in the headlines after fans commenting #RIPUzi during his Instagram Live though Lil Uzi Vert never actually died. Trippie didn't find the joke funny and called out the trolls and told them to get off of his livestream.

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