Halsey Reveals the 'Painful Process' Before She Changed Her Name

In other news, the 'Without Me' hitmaker has released a book titled 'I Would Leave Me If I Could: A Collection of Poetry' where she talks about violence, drug abuse as well as her struggle to leave toxic relationships behind her.

AceShowbiz - Halsey opened up about why she decided to come up with a stage name instead of going with her real name. The 26-year-old singer, who was born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, revealed in a new interview with Cosmopolitan that she decided to change her name because she didn't think Ashley wouldn't bring her fame.

"People hear about me and they want to paint my story as a rags to riches tale, but that's not true. It was a very slow and painful process," she said. "When I look back on it, I'm so proud of that teenage girl who dropped [my first album] 'Badlands', because I had all the odds against me. I didn't know anybody in the music industry. I was from New Jersey. I had no f***ing money, and there was no way I was going to college."

Halsey went on to say that she initially thought her dreams were "so far fetched," adding that she had the "foresight to know that being me wasn't enough." The "Be Kind" singer continued, "I had to become somebody completely different. At the time, I felt that Ashley didn't deserve to be famous and successful because she wasn't that special, but if I made Halsey, maybe she could be."

"[Changing my name] gave me the opportunity to create a new persona that wasn’t bound by the expectations I had for myself or the limitations that others placed on me because of my upbringing or my socioeconomic situation," she added. "I created a person, and she could do everything. There was no way that Ashley was going to become a king, but I made a new name for myself and took her to paranormal, supernatural heights."

In other news, Halsey just released a collection of writings titled "I Would Leave Me If I Could: A Collection of Poetry" where she talked about violence, drug abuse as well as her struggle to leave toxic relationships behind her. Announcing the release of the poetry book, the singer wrote on Instagram on Tuesday, November 10, "Today is the day. Years in the making. My first collection of poetry 'I Would Leave Me If I Could' is out," Halsey shared in an Instagram post. "It's things I ruminate on, fixate, miss, cry, regret, re-live and overcome. I love being a weird popstar. But I'll always be a writer first and foremost. Thank you."

In one of her poems titled "Lighthouse", Halsey opened up about her drug-addicted ex-boyfriend. "He would stuff his nose with cocaine/ for days on end/ until the rims of his nostrils/ were caked with white," she penned. She also alluded to physical abuse as she wrote, "He would put his bleeding hand around my neck before he take his hand/ off my neck gently/ and wrap my arms around his head.../ and whisper that it would be okay." The "Without Me" singer didn't drop any name, but fans highly assumed that she was talking about her ex G-Eazy.

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