Judge Judy Insists on Pushing Back Retirement Despite Old Age

The 78-year-old TV judge has no plan to retire anytime soon because she doesn't know what to do if she stops working as she says, 'I don't have hobbies.'

AceShowbiz - "Judge Judy" star Judy Sheindlin can't see herself retiring because she "doesn't have hobbies" and she "enjoys working" too much.

The TV icon is stepping down from her hit CBS series after almost 28 years and 25 seasons, with the star telling the New York Post's Page Six column, "Perfect time is leaving on top at the 25 number. You can’t stay at the party too long."

However, she won't be absent from screens entirely, with the 78-year-old beginning her new series "Judy Justice" in December. Details of the show have yet to be confirmed, but it's set to air on Amazon Prime Video from December (20).

"Some details are iffy because Covid makes production cumbersome," the star explains. "It will be on Amazon. Why Amazon? Because they run everything. They have resources. Great attitude.

"We'll shoot in LA. My sense is the audience can take a little more of me, so I'll deliver 120 episodes," she adds. "Program, characters, the set, everything will be different. Me, the same. Me always in the middle chair. Governing by committee is not my strong suit. And unless the audience wants to see me in a two-piece bathing suit, I'll wear a robe. Different colour. Maybe eggplant colour."

Explaining what compelled her to continue working as she approaches 80, Judy insists, "I didn't want to retire. I don't have hobbies. I enjoy working. Another thing. It's streaming. On a rainy weekend, with enough vodka, I can download me anytime."

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