Tommy Lee Waits for Right Time to Be Wingsuit Skydiver

When talking about his top bucket list item, the Motley Crue drummer admits he is also keen to try being 'strapped into an alcohol burning funny car, going 320 miles-per-hour.'

AceShowbiz - Rocker Tommy Lee is eyeing a new hobby as a wingsuit skydiver.

The Motley Crue star has always been fascinated with flying and now he's eager to suit up and soar through the skies with the help of a pal who happens to work for the Red Bull Skydive Team - he's just "waiting for the right time."

"Are you familiar with what they call 'Squirrel Suits'? You see those guys that fly in those suits? They're like wings when they open up. People put on this suit with wings and a webbed fabric and they fly. I want to try that," Lee tells syndicated columnist Allison Kugel about his top bucket list item. "I'm going to be a bird one day. That is on my list."

"I'm just kind of waiting for the right time to do that because it's not like you just go up and jump off the Swiss Alps and just go and do it. You have to go through the training that is incredible. There is a guy that flies for Red Bull and he has offered to help me. I have to do it."

The extreme sport is particularly appealing to Lee because the drummer suspects he may have been a bird in a past life.

Discussing his thoughts on the topic, he says, "Sometimes I think when you die, you're done. But then there are other times where, I have this weird attraction to trees and to birds. Every time I see a bird fly by, I wonder if in my past life I was a bird, because I have this fascination with flying."

And donning the wingsuit isn't the only daredevil stunt Lee, 58, is keen to try.

"I'm such a thrill seeker, I can't stand it," he shares. "I also want to go to this three-day school where you do two days in the classroom and the third day you're strapped into an alcohol burning funny car, going 320 miles-per-hour."

"What is that like, that three seconds of G-force?" he wonders. "I've already been upside down in a plane. I've done a lot of crazy stuff already, but I've got some things on my list I still want to do."

Lee, who recently released his new solo album "Andro", still has some free time to pursue his adrenaline-fuelled hobbies - due to the coronavirus pandemic, he and his Motley Crue bandmates had to postpone their big reunion tour with Poison and Def Leppard until next summer (21).

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