YK Osiris Abruptly Ends Instagram Live After Trolled With Fake News of Lil Uzi Vert's Death

The two rappers don't have the best relationship after they trolled each other over the 'XO Tour Llif3' spitter's boxing challenge to the 'Worth It' emcee.

AceShowbiz - YK Osiris is so done with Internet trolls who raided his Instagram livestream with fake news about Lil Uzi Vert's death. The 22-year-old rapper was greeting his fans on IG Live when some people threw him for a loop by informing him that the Philadelphia rapper allegedly passed away.

"Rip lil uzi," one person wrote, which was echoed by others. Some others followed it up with similar comments like "UZI DIED BRO" and "BROO LIL UZI DIED."

Osiris was left speechless and looked stunned as he appeared to process the information. It's not clear if he believed it or not, but he suddenly shut down the live session.

It's no secret that Osiris and Uzi don't have the best relationship. Earlier this year, the two trolled each other after the latter launched a boxing challenge to the Jacksonville-born artist. "I will knock YK Osiris [the f**k] out," the "XO Tour Llif3" hitmaker taunted the other star.

Osiris later responded by throwing jabs at the 26-year-old rapper. "You too little, my brother!" he said in an Instagram video back in June. "Uzi talked all that bull crap last night, talking about Osiris I'll knock you out. Man you my son."

Osiris continued to troll Uzi by asking how much money should be placed on the fight if the two do go head-to-head, saying that $100,000 is not enough. He went on claiming that all those who bet on Uzi would lose their money.

Uzi himself has not responded to the fake death news. He recently appeared to let out evidence of his rumored romance with JT by sharing his intimate picture with the City Girls member. The one-half of the hip-hop duo later responded by writing on Twitter, "That picture is old."

However, some people were not buying it as they pointed out that JT sported the same nails from a picture she posted on Saturday night, October 31. "they the same nails from last night unless...," a suspecting user remarked.

Another accused her of lying as saying, "She lying, just like when Uzi lied and said that girl he was kissing was an old pic." A third person sarcastically commented, "old like 3 days old."

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