Adele Faces Backlash Over African Sex Tourism Sketch on 'SNL'

The 'Chasing Pavement' hitmaker and 'Saturday Night Live' come under fire for doing a sketch about African sex tourism during her first hosting gig on the show.

AceShowbiz - Adele and "Saturday Night Live" landed in hot water. They were criticized over a sketch intended to poke fun at sex tourism. In the skit, the "When We Were Young" hitmaker along with "SNL" regulars Kate McKinnon and Heidi Gardner played White divorcees thirsting over African men.

They invited fans to visit Africa as they made comments full of sexual innuendo about the African men. The female trio described the local males as "tribesmen" and "massive bamboos" while shirtless Black male extras were seen accompanying white women on a beach in the background.

The parody which described Africa as "the number one destination for divorcees of a certain age" was deemed insensitive, inappropriate, and ill-timed amid the ongoing EndSARS protests taking place in Nigeria.

"That Africa skit was tone def, insensitive and inappropriate," tweeted Shenequa Golding, a journalist at R&B news website Vibe. "Men and women in Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa and The Democratic Republic of the Congo are fighting for their lives and to reduce the continent as sexual destination for white women is shameful."

MTV host Dometi Pongo made similar comments, "If you're gonna try to touch that, it's gotta be just a little smarter & more nuanced or don't touch it at all. Not (right now)."

Another person wrote, "@Adele, babes have u no idea whats going on in Africa?. Surly u have African friends who can educate you. #SNL jokes were tasteless and the wrong time babe. #smh! Bring out that album instead."

Neither Adele nor "SNL" issued any comments about the controversial sketch which aired last weekend. The episode featuring musical performer by H.E.R. marked Adele's first time-ever as a host on the NBC show despite her previous visits as a musical guest.

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