Sharon Osbourne: Past Verbal Abuse Directed Toward Rumer Willis 'Should Be A Crime'

When the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore appears as a guest host on 'The Talk', the wife of Ozzy Osbourne addresses the hurtful remarks Perez Hilton made at the expense of the actress.

AceShowbiz - Sharon Osbourne has slammed gossip columnist Perez Hilton's "heinous" verbal abuse of Rumer Willis, suggesting his actions "should be a crime".

The blogger has written cruel stories about Rumer's looks for years, repeatedly calling Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter a "Potato Head", and even adding a hashtag for the mean nickname on his popular site, allowing followers to easily access his nasty comments.

And on Wednesday (October 21), "The Talk" star tore into the gossip as Rumer appeared alongside her as a guest host during a conversation about hurtful remarks he made at the expense of "The House Bunny" star.

"So much of this (pain) with Rumer came from being bullied from the press, that she had low self esteem," the opinionated Brit raged.

"I'm not speaking for you (Rumer) but I hope that people in the press are listening to this, because she was a child when this started and one particular person did this horrendous thing to you, that went on and on and on."

"And that was Perez (Hilton) and he did this to you. And as a mother, the things that he did to you as a young girl, it's heinous and it should be a crime because it has affected you emotionally, mentally, every which way about your self confidence."

Rumer added, "I completely agree. Just attacking someone for how they look or for things that you can't change... We see it on social media, how willing people are to just come at you for ridiculous things. It's such a shame."

The chat ended on an upbeat note, with Ozzy Osbourne's noting the actress and activist is finally on "a good path", even though many of the offensive slurs can still be accessed on

"You're a strong outspoken woman now but the damage the press can do when they are talking about your looks or whatever it is, about a child, it shouldn't be allowed," she added.

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