Baby Mama of Ryan Henry's Best Friend Had Sex With Ryan Because She Was Abused

Confirming that she indeed had sex with the reality TV star behind Anthony Lindsey's back, Nina Marie says, 'I didn't really care about anybody's feelings at that point.'

AceShowbiz - Nina Marie, the woman behind Ryan Henry's feud with his best friend, has broken her silence amid the drama. Through an Instagram Live on Sunday, October 18, Nina confirmed that it is indeed true she slept with the reality TV star behind Anthony Lindsey's back, but implicitly blamed it on alleged abuse done by her partner.

Nina said during the livestream, "To begin, I just want to take accountability for what I've done," admitting she was in the wrong for doing that. "I don't feel it is something that I should have done. I was selfish. I wasn't thinking. I didn't really care about anybody's feelings at that point," she confessed, before explaining that she used to go to Ryan for comfort whenever she got abused by Anthony. And that was when their relationship started to change.

During the stream, Nina once again admitted she made a wrong decision to have sex with Ryan behind Anthony's back, but then she started to implicitly blame it on the alleged abuse she received at the hands of Anthony. Not stopping there, she then hopped to her page to give more details about their relationship and domestic violence.

"The first incident completely caught me by surprise, I was so in love and felt totally betrayed. I never knew him to be abusive," she said alongside photos of her bruises. "After the first round of abuse I immediately obtained a restraining order and tried to move forward. Newly pregnant and alone afraid of what was to come for me as a single mother I let him back into my life when I was almost 9 mos pregnant."

Following the birth of their child, Nina decided to work things out in their relationship to no avail because she experienced "complete emotional and mental abuse and manipulative behavior from this narcissistic man." Nina added, "This man has hurt me over and over and over again and over and over and over again I've forgiven him. What hurts the most is the one time I make a mistake, which in my opinion is not as traumatic or terrible as what he has done, and he decides that publicly bashing me is the way to go when I've consistently dealt with our issues PRIVATELY."

Anthony has since denied the allegations, sharing a police report showing that he was apparently the victim instead of Nina. "Her crazy a** was fighting me! It shows me as the victim I refused to press charges. I refused to even post this back then. Public record go look it up," he said.

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