'RHOC' Star Kara Keough Gets Candid About Her Baby's Death

The daughter of Bravo personality Jeana Keough shares in an open letter that losing her baby boy, who passed away on April 12, while watching the world move on is like a 'personal attack.'

AceShowbiz - "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Kara Keough is opening up about losing her infant in a heartbreaking open letter. In the letter, which was published by Good Morning America on Wednesday, October 14, saw the 31-year-old actress getting candid about the death of her days-old son McCoy Casey on April 12 and sending support to her "fellow loss mom."

" 'Angel Mom' feels too fluffy, and 'Bereaved Mother' sounds like we should be wearing black lace and howling on our knees in a stone church somewhere," she wrote in the piece. "Don't get me wrong, we're absolutely still howling. But we're doing it in yoga pants. Lululemons just do a better job of hiding our postpartum bellies and helping us avoid questions like, 'When are you due?' or worse, 'How's the baby?!' "

The daughter of Bravo personality Jeana Keough went on to say that losing her baby boy while watching the world move on was like a "personal attack." She also added, "We should be labeled with a sticker that reads 'FRAGILE: Handle with care' because we're one trigger away from racing back to that worst moment."

"For some, that worst moment has a soundtrack: 'There's no heartbeat.' For some, like myself, that moment stretches over the course of six days," she added. "For most, it's the moments before the moment--the 'if I had only,' the 'if I could have just,' or the 'why didn't I?' These questions plague all of us, the ones we ask ourselves and others, the desperate plea: How could I have saved my baby? We blame ourselves, not because we did anything to harm our children, but because we're their mothers, and protecting them is our most sacred duty."

However, Kara assured herself and other mothers who lost their children that there would be some solace in sharing about the loss. "Every day, every minute, another mother joins us in this club. It's a club no one wants to be a part of, but the love and compassion within it are unlike any other," she shared. "The instant bond that ignites between two women when we sit together in this pain is almost spiritual. Sorrow like this, grief like ours, carves profound depth into our souls. We're no longer flat, shiny objects, but we're instead embossed by our loss. Somehow more beautiful for it."

"Most people don't get the pleasure of realizing how treasured they are until their dying day. And in a way, we do die a little bit the day we lose a child; the old us is gone. But the new us can be better," she continued.

Kara and husband Kyle Bosworth made public the devastating news on April 14 on Instagram. She announced that her baby boy, who weighed in at 11 pounds and 4 ounces, "experienced shoulder dystocia and a compressed umbilical cord" during the course of his birth. The couple decided to donate his organs following his passing.

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