Colin Jost Anticipates Michael Che Making 'a Scene' at His Wedding to Scarlett Johansson
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The 'Saturday Night Live' writer jokingly blames his 'Weekend Update' co-anchor as the reason why he and his actress fiancee postpone their nuptials after getting engaged in 2019.

AceShowbiz - Colin Jost is putting the blame of his postponed wedding to Scarlett Johansson on Michael Che. When touching on the topic of his upcoming nuptials to the "Black Widow" star in an interview, the "Saturday Night Live" writer admitted to having anticipated that his "Weekend Update" co-anchor will make "a scene."

During an appearance in the Thursday, October 15 episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", the 38-year-old was asked if he was aware of Michael's plan at his impending wedding. In response to the question, he jokingly told host Ellen Degeneres, "Yeah, I mean, he plans to make a scene at most events. I would say that's his general approach."

Playfully blaming Michael as the reason why he and the "Marriage Story" actress postponed their big day, he spilled, "That's part of why we've just been postponing it." He further added, "We can see him getting ready for the wedding and we're like, maybe we should wait another day."

"What I really want for Che [to do], I want to ask him to do an objection at the wedding," the comedian continued. "You know, a lot of people do speeches, but I think it would be nice in that moment. So few people utilize that moment to object, and I think he could do a really great objection."

Reacting to his statement, Ellen told Colin that the "Top Five" actor has invited her to be his plus one. When the 62-year-old host joked about "objecting" him and Scarlett, the funnyman surprisingly agreed that it would be such a "sweet" and "great" idea.

"What you want in a really small COVID wedding is you want a bunch of extra plus ones. Hopefully, they're flying in from across the country. It's a great setup," he pointed out. "Thank you so much. We're excited to have you."

Colin and Scarlett were first linked romantically in 2017 when the couple were spotted kissing at an afterparty for the 42nd season finale of "SNL". After two years of dating, "The Avengers" star confirmed their 2019 engagement via her publicist Marcel Pariseau. The coronavirus pandemic, however, hampered their wedding plans.

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