Trisha Paytas Has NSFW Reaction to Internet Losing It Over Her Butthole Photo

In the said picture, the former contestant of 'Celebrity Big Brother' has her back facing the camera as she poses inside a car and spreads her bootyhole open.

AceShowbiz - Trisha Paytas has broken the Internet. The 32-year-old media personality found her name trending on Twitter on Monday, October 5 after a picture of her bare bootyhole started making its way round on the micro-blogging site, and people clearly did not appreciate what they saw so much they felt the need to express it out.

In the said photo, Trisha had her back facing the camera as she posed inside a car and spread her bootyhole open. The former contestant of "Celebrity Big Brother" only sported a purple T-shirt and pink crocs in the picture.

People gave all kinds of reaction after the photo went viral. For example, someone hated it so much s/he wished to unsee the photo, "I never should’ve clicked to see why trisha paytas was trending…" Meanwhile, another person echoed, "I should have minded my business instead of looking to see why Trisha Paytas was trending....what the f**k did I see." One other commented, "I hope twitter has a feature that you can reaaaally block a certain topic especially the word 'Trisha Paytas' because that girl is all over the place. @twitter do something!"

Some other people, in the meantime, felt very thankful that they did not accidentally see the said photo on their timeline and wished it would stay the same. "I didn't see that trisha paytas picture but yall seem scared so I'm just gonna be happy I didn't see it," an individual wrote on the micro-blogging site. There was also someone who said, "NOT TRISHA SHOWING HER WHOLE DAMN BOOTY CHEEKS AND IT HAVING BREADCRUMBS OF TOILET PAPAER I AM SCREAMING."

Even popular blogger Perez Hilton could not help but make comments about it. He suspected that Trisha posted it to promote her new song and it looked like his assumption was correct given the fact that Trisha retweeted his post. She also responded to people's reaction over the photo by saying, "Is it my butthole or p***yhole that's trending ? See both on 18+."

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