Beyonce's Daughter Blue Ivy Embarrassed by Her Corny Jokes

The 'Lemonade' singer's attempts to recite her mom Tina Lawson's jokes during the annual Wearable Art Gala to benefit the WACO Theater makes her daughter irritated.

AceShowbiz - Beyonce Knowles' daughter is obviously not a fan of her corny jokes. When the "Lemonade" singer made an attempt to recite her mom Tina Lawson's jest during the annual Wearable Art Gala to benefit the WACO Theater, embarrassed 8-year-old Blue Ivy Carter was caught on tape seemingly trying to stop her.

In an Instagram video shared by Tina on Saturday, September 19, Blue could be seen trying to cover Beyonce's mouth after she delivered a joke while sporting a black hoodie and without any makeup on. "Why does Snoop Dogg need an umbrella? For drizzle," the "Halo" singer first cracked, before her little girl was heard complaining, "Mom, the voice, no."

While Blue was not happy with Beyonce's corny joke, Tina pointed out other problems in the clip. "Hi B, I really appreciate you doing the joke because I know how busy you are," she said. "But can't you just put on some makeup and get in some good light and stuff? It's the gala, girl." It prompted her daughter to come back with a glam-up look as she repeated the joke.

Beyonce was not the only one showing off her funny side. Her sister, Solange Knowles, delivered Tina's "favorite joke of the night." In a clip shared by the 66-year-old, the "Losing You" songstress stated, "19 and 20 got into a fight," before a clip of a rapper repeating the number "21" was played over and over. She then pointed out, "Get it? Twenty won."

Solange did not stop with that one punchline. She went on to throw a second pun by first asking "How do you throw a space party?" She then pointed out the answer by saying, "Well, you just plan it," while her face got covered with a planet's filter.

The Wearable Art Gala was organized to benefit the WACO Theater Center program and families who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Tina hosted the 2020 virtual event with her husband Richard Lawson. A number of celebrities, including Megan Thee Stallion and former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland, had also tried their best in showing off their jokesters side.

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