Larissa Dos Santos Vows to Keep Getting Plastic Surgery Until She Looks Like a Mannequin

In the latest episode of '90 Day Fiance', the Brazilian star says, 'When I look like her, I will stop the surgery,' during her visit to a lingerie store with her boyfriend Eric.

AceShowbiz - Larissa Dos Santos Lima has spent a lot of money on plastic surgeries, and it doesn't seem like she's planning to stop anytime soon. In the Sunday, August 30 episode of "90 Day Fiance", the Brazilian reality TV star vowed to keep going under the knife until she looks like a mannequin.

During the episode, Larissa and Eric went to a lingerie store where the latter asked her what she was planning to do after having "all these surgeries." In response, Larissa said, "I gotta do liposuction because I cannot lose this fat here and I'm gonna do liposuction in my thighs, in my belly." She also planned to "put the fat that I'm taking off the belly in the butt."

Larissa then pointed at a mannequin inside the store and added, "When I look like her, I will stop the surgery. I want to have this belly and this leg." Eric seemed to be in disbelief after listening to Larissa, though he didn't have any problems with it as long as she's happy. "If it makes her feel happy and confident about herself, that's cool," he said in a confessional. "But if Larissa is unhappy that kinda puts me on edge and it kinda irks me a little bit."

Meanwhile, Larissa continued in her confessional, "Larissa before the boob job is Larissa that was insecure, married with Colt, arrested many times. Finally, after two years, I'm going to get my boobs done. So I feel very happy that I'm gonna wake up and everything's gonna change."

Larissa has always been open about her plastic surgery journey. Prior to this, she bragged about spending thousands of money to get her face done. During her fight with Eric that was documented on the TLC reality show, she said, "Why do you need to bash me with those women? Need to say that I have a bad [expletive word]? B***h, my face is 10,000 bucks."

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