Larissa Dos Santos Lima Brags About Spending $10K to Get Her Face Done

The Brazilian reality TV star makes the revelation when she gets caught in a heated argument with her on-again boyfriend, Eric Nichols, in the latest episode of '90 Day Fiance'.

AceShowbiz - Larissa Dos Santos Lima has always been open about her plastic surgery, and now she has revealed how much money she has exactly spent to get her face done alone. The Brazilian star spoke up about it when she got into a heated argument with her boyfriend Eric Nichols in the Sunday, July 2 episode of "90 Day Fiance".

It all started after Larissa found out that Eric had been texting another woman and sharing embarrassing details about their sex life, prompting Eric to get all defensive. "We agreed that once we got back together, whatever happened in our past during the time of when we were broken up … it would not affect what we are doing now. And you stole my phone that you gave me," he said.

Larissa was clearly not having it because she then lashed out, "Why do you need to bash me with those women? Need to say that I have a bad [expletive word]? B***h, my face is 10,000 bucks." Eric didn't say anything and simply left the kitchen.

Fans of the show were baffled by this revelation, especially due to her financial problem in the past. "Larissa is a user h** bag. She has $10k for her face but can't pay rent or take care of her kids," one person said, as another similarly wrote, "Larissa said her face costs $10k??? Girl, get your refund and go take care of them kids…" Meanwhile, one other person commented, "Larissa priorities all f**ked up! She buying lips and lypo but ain't got a place to lay her head."

Larissa has previously defended her choice to get plastic surgery when some critics said she went too far with her plastic surgery procedures. In response to a user who said, "It's a no for me. Gone way too far with all these surgeries," she simply reacted with a laughing-crying emoji and added, "This is the goal."

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