PnB Rock Calls Rod Wave His 'Son' Amid Feud

The tension between the two rappers starts after PnB criticizes new generations of rappers for their 'sad asf' albums, prompting Rod to think that he's shading him

AceShowbiz - The beef between PnB Rock and Rod Wave has yet to over. After the latter took to his Instagram account to threaten PnB about coming to his home state of Florida, PnB has broken his silence to hit back at Rod.

Responding to Rod's claim that he made music for the trenches, PnB said that Rod jocked his style. "I ain't say nothing about the n***a that's making music for the trenches. The n***a that's for the hood. N***a, I do that, dickhead," PnB Rock ranted during an Instagram Live session. "Rod Wave is my f***in' son. He makin' the same music as me. Singing, trappin', rappin' -- I did that. I'm the one who started it."

He continued blasting the "Heart on Ice" rapper, "I did that. Put that s**t in your f***in' brain and slap it in your f***in' mind, p***y, 'cause you f***in' my son."

The tension between the two rappers started after PnB criticized new generations of rappers for their "sad asf" albums. "All these lil n***as albums n tapes be sad asf lol like all these lil mfs depressed smh," PnB wrote on Instagram Stories on Monday. "I can't listen to this s**t make me wanna go kill myself listening to Dese sad a** Lil boys lol."

While PnB didn't name-drop anyone, fans felt like he was shading Rod, who quickly responded to the post. Writing on Instagram Stories, he said, "Some of you f**k n***as been in Hollywood to long." He then went bold by tagging PnB's account and wrote, "put a address on that s**t."

He doubled down his response by going on Instagram Live in which he said, ""Put an address on that s**t 'cause I feel like you talkin 'bout me, n***a," he said on Tuesday. "We ain't sneak dissin'. If I feel a certain kind of way, n***a, we gon' address it. N***a, so put an address on that s**t. Now you wanna talk 'bout it's pressure?"

He also warned the "Gang Up" spitter about coming to his home state of Florida. "Man, let me tell you something, man. I know you rap n***as love to come to Florida, n***a, From Pensacola, n***a, to Miami, n***a. A n***a will make this s**t rough for you, n***a. A n***a will make this s**t real rough for one of you n***as, bro. You trippin', bro. You gon' have to get with one of the opps or another rap n***a, you feel me? Or the police and then you gon' have to pay $50,000, $60,000 in security every time you come, n***a," Rod claimed.

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