Rod Wave Claps Back at PnB Rock After He Criticizes Young Rappers

While PnB doesn't name-drop anyone, fans feel like his subliminal Instagram posts are directed at Rod, who later responds boldly on his own page on the photo-sharing account.

AceShowbiz - PnB Rock apparently has something to say about the "new generation" of hip-hop artists in the industry. Taking to his Instagram account, the "Gang Up" spitter criticized the young rappers for their "sad asf" albums.

"All these lil n***as albums n tapes be sad asf lol like all these lil mfs depressed smh," he wrote on Instagram Stories on Monday, August 17. "I can't listen to this s**t make me wanna go kill myself listening to Dese sad a** Lil boys lol."

"And these the n***as y'all look up too smh," he added in a separate post. "lol like even when I was down to my last... down N out...I was happier den dat lol I went out and got it never was sitting around feeling sad and depressed... That's for suckas new generation s**t I guess."

While PnB didn't name-drop anyone, fans felt like he was shading Rod Wave. "If you talking bout rod wave just @ him," one fan commented. "Awww he needs some attention," someone else alleged.

Insulting PnB, another user wrote, "Mans acting like he got bomb albums ?" Another comment read, "If you jealous of ROD WAVE just say that pooh," while one person defended the new rappers as saying, "At least they’re expressing themselves and not pretending to be happy."

PnB's diss apparently didn't go unnoticed by Rod. In response to the post, the "Heart on Ice" rapper wrote on Instagram Stories, "Some of you f**k n***as been in Hollywood to long." He then went bold by tagging PnB's account and wrote, "put a address on that s**t."

Rod then said in a video that "rap n***as ain't connected to reality no more," which prompted the genre to be overrun with dance and pop music. Concluding the clip, Rod added, "Keep me outta that s**t."

PnB has yet to comment on Rod's response.

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