Rod Wave Doubles Down on His Clapback at PnB Rock by Warning Him

During an Instagram Live session, the 'Heart on Ice' rapper warns the 'Gang Up' spitter, who previously criticized younger rappers who make 'depressing' music, about coming to his home state of Florida.

AceShowbiz - Rod Wave isn't done blasting PnB Rock after the latter appeared to diss him on his recent Instagram post. After responding to PnB's post about younger rappers who make "depressing" music, Rod further makes sure that he's not one to back down.

The "Heart on Ice" rapper doubled down on his response to PnB when he went on Instagram Live session on Tuesday afternoon, August 18. "Put an address on that s**t 'cause I feel like you talkin 'bout me, n***a," he said. "We ain't sneak dissin'. If I feel a certain kind of way, n***a, we gon' address it. N***a, so put an address on that s**t. Now you wanna talk 'bout it's pressure?"

He went on warning the "Gang Up" spitter about coming to his home state of Florida. "Man, let me tell you something, man. I know you rap n***as love to come to Florida, n***a, From Pensacola, n***a, to Miami, n***a. A n***a will make this s**t rough for you, n***a. A n***a will make this s**t real rough for one of you n***as, bro. You trippin', bro. You gon' have to get with one of the opps or another rap n***a, you feel me? Or the police and then you gon' have to pay $50,000, $60,000 in security every time you come, n***a," Rod claimed.

"I don't give a f**k where you at, n***a," he went on to threaten PnB. "From Pensacola to the top to the bottom, b***h. N***a gon' hear about that. I'll give a nigga $10,000 on Cash App if they see you anywhere in Florida. In the mall, n***a. Them p***y-a** rental cars you riding 'round. You like to come and get on jet skis and s**t. N***a, stop playing. You better get on this b***h and act like you got some sense, n***a. Talkin 'bout it's pressure. N***a, I'm from Florida. Do you know what pressure mean? Do you know what that mean?"

However, Rod hinted that he's open to end the beef without violence, saying, "I don't never got to come to Philly or wherever you from, but you n***as love Florida, boy. You gotta be mindful what you get on this internet and say. Now, if you n***as wanna duke it out or talk it out or whatever, but all that pressure, and beef, and it's smoke and all that, n***a, that means s**t where I'm from."

Rod got so worked up after he caught wind of PnB' post in which he took aim at new generations of rappers for their "sad asf" albums. "All these lil n***as albums n tapes be sad asf lol like all these lil mfs depressed smh," PnB wrote on Instagram Stories on Monday. "I can't listen to this s**t make me wanna go kill myself listening to Dese sad a** Lil boys lol."

"And these the n***as y'all look up too smh," he added in a separate post. "lol like even when I was down to my last... down N out...I was happier den dat lol I went out and got it never was sitting around feeling sad and depressed... That's for suckas new generation s**t I guess."

While PnB didn't name-drop anyone, fans felt like he was shading Rod, who quickly responded to the post. Writing on Instagram Stories, he said, "Some of you f**k n***as been in Hollywood to long." He then went bold by tagging PnB's account and wrote, "put a address on that s**t."

Rod then said in a video that "rap n***as ain't connected to reality no more," which prompted the genre to be overrun with dance and pop music. Concluding the clip, Rod added, "Keep me outta that s**t."

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