People are not having it after finding a TikTok video of her sexualizing the One Direction member in addition to a comment she made about the star in an interview.

AceShowbiz - Those who logged in on Twitter on Thursday, August 13 might see the hashtag "Lizzo Is Over Party" on the micro-blogging site. It all stemmed from her resurfaced TikTok video that made a lot of people accuse her of sexualizing Harry Styles, as well as a comment that she made regarding the British singer.

In the said video, Lizzo was seen seeing a clip of Harry performing onstage as she later sucked a chocolate popsicle in her hand. Later on, a resurfaced interview of the singer also made its way out online, with her jokingly saying that the One Direction member has a big penis and that they are having sex.

People who didn't take her joke well were quick to cancel her and make the "Over Party" hashtag trend on Twitter. However, not a few have come to Lizzo's defense as they pointed out that the "Juice" singer is friends with Harry and that the latter is already an adult. Thus, they urged his fans not to treat him like he was an underage star.

"Reminder that harry loves lizzo so much and he wouldn't be speaking to her if he felt 'uncomfy' with what she said about him. he literally liked a pic of her shaking her a** the other day so shut the f**k up," one person said. "if harry had a problem with lizzo he would have stopled being friends with her. you misogynistic directioners just want another excuse to cancel a successful woman. stay mad, lizzo is beautiful," another similarly wrote.

Someone else reacted, "If harry is okay with the s**t lizzo said then it wasn't wrong. i say s**t like that to my friends all the time but only because ik it doesn't make them uncomfortable. if she was saying it to a stranger it would be different but she's saying it to a friend." There was also an individual who commented, "Why directioners hate every women Harry is closed with??is it also illegal now? Pls leave lizzo alone. She's beautiful, strong and so talented."

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