Media Personality Scottie Beam Trolls Miley Cyrus Over Her 'WAP' Post

Even though 'WAP' actually stands for 'Wet A** P***y,' the ex-producer at Hot 97 comes up with a different definition after seeing the former Disney darling's post.

AceShowbiz - Ever since Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion released their collaboration "WAP", the title has become a new popular term among social media users. Miley Cyrus has also joined in the fun, but unfortunately for her, she was immediately trolled when she made the post on Twitter on Wednesday, August 12.

The former Disney darling shared on the micro-blogging site a photo of her posing against a black background in a matching dress and gloves. Her blonde hair was styled neatly as she sported a bold makeup with red lipstick and sparkling purple eye shadows. In the caption of the post, she simply wrote, "WAP."

Even though "WAP" actually stands for "Wet A** P***y," media personality Scottie Beam came up with a different meaning after seeing Miley's post. Retweeting the said post, she added, "White And Privilege."

Many people found her comment funny. "SHE WINS THE INTERNET FOR TODAY LOL," someone said, as another person wrote, "But Did Our Good Sis Lie?! she used y'all for a few months & then bounced... & went back to pop/country." A number of people, in the meantime, decided to bring back Miley's beef with Nicki Minaj who called her "perdue chicken." For instance, an individual quipped, "Wet a** Purdue."

Not a few also came to Miley's defense, though. "Y'all need serious help , out of all celebrities why chose the one who recognizes her privilege and has done the most out of white celebrities to help end the injustices lgbtq members and black people face," an online user replied to Scottie's post. "Yes and she acknowledges it and uses it to fight for human rights for all. Choose someone else to pick on who actually doesn't do anything for others. Or even better, leave negativity behind and be happy," another echoed the sentiment.

Meanwhile, Miley has yet to give her response to Scottie.

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