Ari Fletcher Body Shamed After Unedited Pics of Her Abs Surface Online: 'Looking Nasty'

It all starts after a fan posts on Facebook a couple of photos of the social media star hanging out with her friends in a sparkling bikini top and ripped jeans.

AceShowbiz - Ari Fletcher has always shown her envy-inducing body on social media, but this recent photo of her apparently made people less envious with her body. Instead, they started body shaming the social media star and even accused her of undergoing liposuction to lose weight on her stomach.

It all started after a fan posted on Facebook a couple of photos of Ari during a night out with her friends. In the photos, the girlfriend of MoneyBagg Yo showed a lot of skin in a sparkling bikini top and ripped jeans, complimenting the look with a necklace and several bracelets. For her hair, Ari styled it in an up-do as she posed for the camera with a glass of beer in one of her hands.

People were shocked after looking at the pictures because her abs didn't look the same as the one in the photos that Ari posted on her own page. "Sis no more surgery! Your rack looks horrible. And Your body shape is that of an ostrich in this photo," one person said. "She looks like a 200 pound girl that got lipo but something went wrong," another commented, before adding, "It's the belly button of an obese man for me."

Someone else wrote, "Looking nasty i don't care what you tweak on yo body your face will show your real weight !" Meanwhile, an individual said, "Her abs look awful and whoever did her boob job needs to give her a refund," as one more online user shared his/her opinion, "She's one of those people that get liposuction and forgets she has to work out and maintain a diet in order to keep that fat out of her stomach..... or else the fat will come back."

Ari has yet to respond to the criticism.

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