'Star Wars' Star Ray Park Breaks the Internet by Sharing Video of Him Getting Blowjob

Some people suspect that the Darth Maul depicter in 'Star Wars' franchise is hacked, while some others joke that his contract with Disney may be in jeopardy because of this.

AceShowbiz - Ray Park has successfully caused an Internet frenzy, but not in a good way. The "Solo: A Star Wars Story" star shocked almost everyone when he took to Instagram on Friday, July 24 to share a video of a woman sucking what appeared to be his manhood.

It was such a bizarre video, with Park simply leaving three dots in the caption of the post. Even though the clip has now been removed from the photo-sharing site, the damage has been done as his name started trending on social media. "Broo??? Ray Park's official Instagram posted a dude getting a blowjob and the comments are limited? Can someone explain?" one confused user asked.

"I didn't have Ray Park getting a blowjob on Instagram on my 2020 Bingo card," another said, as someone else sarcastically added, "Oh boy I sure do love browsing Ray Park's Instagram at 7:05pm PST I sure do hope that nothing vulgar appears in my feed." Some other people suspected that the actor's career would be in jeopardy because of this. "Disney: We are bringing back Maul! Ray Park: *posts his dic getting sucked on insta* Not today mouse," one person said.

An individual wrote, "guys that was insane I can't believe we actually lived through an era where ray park posted his **** on Instagram," while one more person joked, "Ray Park must've posted to IG instead of his Only Fans. Classic case of the mixups!" A number of people suspected that his account might be hacked. "LMFAO I think Ray Park got hacked," someone said.

"Ray Park turning his instagram into porn??????? Is it hacked? Or??? I did NOT want to see that. Thank u very much," one person expressed his/her confusion. "Someone most likely hacked Ray Park's IG to post a girl giving a bj. People are trying to report it," another said.

Park has yet to respond to the incident.

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