Megan Thee Stallion's Hairstylist on Backlash for Styling Jeffree Star's Hair: He Paid Me $20K

Jonathan Wright is put under fire after he shares on Instagram a video of him styling the controversial beauty guru's hair as the latter strikes some sexy poses for the camera.

AceShowbiz - Considering all the racism allegations against Jeffree Star, any black person who works with the beauty guru will most likely face criticism from their own community. That very thing happened to celebrity hairstylist, Jonathan Wright, who recently uploaded an Instagram video of him doing Jeffree's hair.

The video showed Jonathan, who worked with the likes of Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat in the past, brushing and touching up Jeffree's hair as the latter struck some sexy poses to the camera. Jeffree apparently was loving the finished look as he exclaimed, "I mean, really!" In the caption of the post, Jonathan wrote, "Stop Playing With @jeffreestar You know he had To Get that touch from Me TheWrightWay."

People immediately jumped to the comment section to attack Jonathan. "Why u working with this man," someone sarcastically asked, while a couple of people said that they would unfollow Jonathan because of this. "You really have no morals or standards.....all money ain't good money," one other commented. Another individual criticized him, "really?! he doesn't like black ppl & is racist. the fact that you're working w/ him has me side-eying you."

However, the backlash didn't make Jonathan think that he made a bad decision. Instead, he hit back at the critics by saying, "Listen here 1 thing about JONATHAN is I'm a real life Go getter I'm out here Hustling and Growing and I came from none so I be Damn if I pass up 20,000$ to feed my Family because mfs feel they to good or because how someone else feel I rather experience myself!"

Reading his comments, some came to agree with him while others did not. "That's why we have sellouts, will sell their soul and forget who they are for a dollar. All money ain't good money," one said. "This jeffrey star said the N word multiple times, and called Jackie Aina a gorilla, and God knows what behind the scenes. This is who you decide to work with? Anything for money nowadays," another reminded him.

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