Fans Convinced 42 Dugg Is Gay Because of 'Sucking D**k' Verse on Snippet for New Song

Sharing the snippet during an Instagram Live session, the 'We Paid' hitmaker appears to spit his bars, 'I was out here suckin' d**k/ I was tryna pay the rent.'

AceShowbiz - Rapper 42 Dugg blew everyone's mind on Tuesday, July 21. The hip-hop star hopped into Instagram Live to share a snippet of his new song, on which he made a shocking confession about his life.

During the Live session, 42 Dugg was bopping his head up and down as he listened to the song in his car. The song itself found him getting candid about how hard his life had been and at one point, Dugg seemingly spitted, "I was out here suckin' d**k/ I was tryna pay the rent."

It's unclear when the full version will be released to the public, but the snippet alone has already gained a lot of attention to the point where Dugg's name started trending on social media. Many people were even convinced that Dugg is gay after listening to it. "LMAOOOO N***A SAID HE WAS OUT THERE SUCKING D**K TO PAY THE RENT," one reacted. "42 dugg gay omfg."

"so 42 dugg is gay? or he like some of yall who be sucking d**k sometimes but got a girl?" one other wondered. "That 42 Dugg s**t is not even suprising. All these n***as gay low key," someone else was not surprised. There was also an individual who commented, "the lgbt community after hearing what 42 dugg said," alongside a clip of a person saying, "Y'all listen! That's called motherf***ing boss, n***a!"

Dugg later debunked the claim and insisted that people heard his verse wrong. "H**S OUT HERE SUCKIN D**K... I WAS TRYNA PAY HER RENT," so he wrote on his Twitter account. But people were not convinced and accused him of lying. "N***a really finna tell dat lie …," a follower replied to his post. "That's not what I heard fam," another said.

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