Elise Neal Retracts Will And Jada Pinkett Smith's 'Unhappy' Marriage Claims: 'Fake News'

Calling the reports about her talking about the couple spreading unhappiness to work 'messy,' the actress claims, 'Ha! Fake news, I dont do interviews to do that kids.'

AceShowbiz - Elise Neal is apparently backtracking her initial claims about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's "unhappy" marriage life that eventually made her exit "All of Us". Elise made the comments during her recent interview with Viral Hip Hop News, but now the actress has changed her tune and called the reports nothing but "fake."

Elise took to the comment section of NeighboorhoodTalk which featured a clip from the said interview. "Ha! Fake news, I dont do interviews to do that kids, I hate that the world wants to take 2 minutes and run with that," she explained in her comment.

The actress claimed that "the interview was to Promote my Film on BET 'ALL IN' ( aired the next day)." Calling the reports about her talking about the couple spreading unhappiness to work "messy," Elise added, "my peace and well being will always be most important, & I shine on always yall be blessed but get it correct ok? Checkd and health and wealth to u all."

In response to her comments, fans were divided. Some fans were confused as to why she dismissed the reports when there's a video of the interview. "She really looked us in the eye and told us everybody lying on her but literally just told us this info on camera," one fan wrote on Instagram.

"GIRL???? YOU ARE ON CAMERA you want us to not believe our eyes and ears?????" another person echoed the sentiment. Meanwhile, someone joked that "the Smiths told her stop playing with them in public."

On the other hand, people defended Elise and thought that the media was twisting her words. "Was she talking about will & jada? Or Duane [Martin] and Lisa[Raye McCoy]? Although the question asked about 'Will & Jada', Elise used the word 'people' instead of specific names. Weren't all 4 people having marital problems at the time?" one noted. "To be fair she said 'people' she didn't name drop. We can just read between the 'people' lines," she added.

In a previous report, Elise was said to be referring to Will and Jada when she said, "If someone is unhappy, they spread that unhappiness to others." She cotinued, "I wasn't happy on the set because people treated me in a way that I could tell that they were unhappy."

Eventually, Elise had had enough with "unhappy" environment and hinted that it made him decide to exit "All of Us", which was produced by the couple, early. "I'm gonna say I miss the money, but I didn't miss not coming to work happy," she added. "I was not happy because they were not happy and I wasn't being treated fairly because they were not happy."

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