Report: 'LHH' Alum Tommie Lee Punches Girl Who Tells Gervonta Davis to 'Calm His Drama Down'

The alleged victim, whose name is London, explains that the reality TV star hit her in the face after she told the boxer that she didn't 'want no parts of the drama and for him to calm it down.'

AceShowbiz - It appears Tommie Lee has been involved in another trouble. It's been reported that the former "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star got into an altercation with a woman named London after the latter talked with Gervonta Davis at Aria Resort & Casino on Saturday night, July 11. The Shade Room first broke the news.

London allegedly told the gossip site that she was speaking with the professional boxer when he started asking her who she was. "I'm telling him who I am and letting him know I don't want no parts of the drama and for him to calm it down," she said, most likely referring to Gervonta's troubles with his baby mama that ended him in jail at one point.

She added, "Tommie comes over to where I'm sitting and starts saying I need to mind my business.. before I could say anything she hits me in the face." London then said that police were called to the scene after that. "They grab her… I'm upset so I try to fight her. We end up fighting and the police gets called .. I'm removed from the room and I press charges," she recalled.

London apparently also expressed how upset she was over the whole situation to the point that she declared she would never hang out with black people anymore. "Every single time it's some dumb a** s**t that happens that shows just how insecure and low mf are," she said. "She really had to be mad because IM ALL NATURAL… BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN… NO KIDS… DON'T HAVE TO JOIN DUMBA** REALITY SHOWS OR SALE MY SOUL… OR CHASE AFTER N***A… TO BE THE LIT B***H THAT I AM."

London also ranted about the Black Lives Matter movement and how her white friends are much quicker in giving her support rather than her black friends. "Sad thing is… B***hes think they being a bully trying to impress n***a who don't even give a f**k about them," she said. "YOU LOOK DUMB."

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