Cops Fear They Can't Find Naya Rivera as Her Body May Be Entangled Underwater

However, Sergeant Kevin Donoghue makes it clear that the search will continue until 'we are confident we have done everything we can do to search as much as we can search.'

AceShowbiz - The search for Naya Rivera's body continues. However, instead of good news, people who are praying for her safety were met with bad news as authorities said during a press conference on Thursday, July 9 that there's possibility that the actress' body may never be discovered.

Kevin Donoghue, the Ventura County Sheriff's Office sergeant, said, "If the body is entangled in something underneath the water it may never come up. We don't know." Donoghue also mentioned that the search is "complicated" right now as the visibility of the lake isn't very good and terrible.

"There's a lot of trees and plants and such that are under water that can cause entanglement," he added. "Makes it unsafe for divers and complicated search." He also mentioned that the team, which consists of 80 people, is now focusing their search on where the boat was originally found. He also made it clear that the search would continue until "we are confident we have done everything we can do to search as much as we can search."

Rivera went missing on Wednesday, July 8 in Lake Peru when her son was found alone on a pontoon boat that she rented. The "Glee" alum has now been presumed dead and the search has now shifted from a rescue to recovery mission.

The cops have also recently released a surveillance footage taken before Rivera and her son got in the boat. The actress could be seen pulling up in her G-Wagon and got out with a bunch of gear as her son followed behind her. The two of them then got in the pontoon and headed off to the lake.

Some people started suspecting that Rivera might be committing suicide after seeing the footage, but Sergeant Eric Buschow has debunked this theory. He pointed out that there's nothing to indicate that she committed suicide and anything that said otherwise is a rumor and not based on the official investigation.

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