Queen Naija Hits Back at Mom-Shamers Accusing Her of Not Loving Her Kids Due to Her Tweet

The singer-songwriter takes to the micro-blogging site to say, 'All the girls who wake up and you don't have to worry about nothing but yourself, ENJOY IT!'

AceShowbiz - Queen Naija has had enough of people misinterpreting her tweets. The singer-songwriter recently took to the micro-blogging site with a few words for women who still don't have kids, only to find herself on the receiving end of mom-shaming. However, Naija would not just let them say whatever they want.

It all started after she said, "All the girls who wake up and you don't have to worry about nothing but yourself, ENJOY IT! Y'all so free." While some people could understand and relate to the tweet, some others were not and assumed that Naija didn't love her children. They even went as far as mom-shaming the YouTube personality.

"I wish you b***hes with kids leave us tf alone. Y'all wanted to be poppin p***y for n****s and get pregnant now deal with it. Women without kids live rent free in y'all mind," one said. "You ain't got kids? Mind ya bidness, just mind ya bidness," another commented. There was also someone who asked, "What the kids did to you suh."

Taking notice of the comments, Naija returned to her account with another message. "Got dammit here we go," the star tweeted. "I didn't say I don't love my kids, I said ENJOY YOUR FREE TIME."

Naija has two children, a son named CJ whom she shares with her ex-husband Chris Sails, as well as her son with boyfriend Clarence White, Legend Lorenzo White.

Back in April, Naija made fans worried when she revealed that she couldn't locate her son CJ who was with Sails when the latter was arrested. Fortunately, shortly after, she was able to meet her son and gave her followers an update about it. Assuring that "everything" was fine, she thanked those who helped her.

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