Robby Hayes and Amanda Stanton
ABC/Paul Hebert

Several couples are indeed born from the franchise, but fans of the series also witness that some of the couples end their romantic relationship in the most brutal way possible.

AceShowbiz - Robby Hayes and Amanda Stanton might be loving each other at some points, but they failed to end their relationship nicely. The former "Bachelor in Paradise" couple came at each other's throat with Robby humiliating his ex by sharing on Twitter her private texts in which he praised Amanda for her "new tits."

Additionally, Robby dragged Amanda in a lengthy statement on Twitter. "History is repeatedly showing that some people thrive off of using the media and their 'army' to manipulate viewers to place one-sided blame, constantly play the 'victim' and use their friends to try and assassinate one's character. Your story-line is getting OLD; at some point it's just on YOU to stop living a double-life, and at this point, everyone sees through it," so he wrote in the 2018 tweet.

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