Lil Loaded Updates Fans From Hospital Bed After Being Shot

The '6locc 6a6y' rapper also reassures his well-being to his fans on Twitter as he is quoting a tweet reporting about him getting shot, Loaded writes to his fans, 'I'm good.'

AceShowbiz - Lil Loaded was a victim of a shooting earlier this week. Showing his speedy recovery, the "6locc 6a6y" rapper took to Instagram Live to update fans about his condition from hospital bed.

Loaded wrote in a pinned comment, "Ya boy done got shot," before showing off his bloody hip underneath the bed sheet. However, he made sure that his supporters know that he was doing okay despite the scary incident.

"Yeah on gang man, we good. We good," he shared. Later, he taunted his shooters for doing a poor job, saying, "N***s gotta do better than that, though."

He also reassured his well-being to his fans on Twitter. Quoting a tweet about him getting shot, Loaded tweeted, "I'm good."

"stay safe bro bro," one fan responded to his post. Another post added, "Oh my god, I'm glad your doing good man. We can't loose more people, 2020 already been so s**t." Urging the rapper to keep a safe life, a fan wrote to him, "Bro you have a fan base now please stay out of trouble."

"Im just so glad he is still alive," one other wrote to him. Not wanting to lose another hip hop star, another fan commented, "He needs to get outta the streets he has a bright a** future."

The Dallas-based rapper rose to fame in 2019 when "6locc 6a6y" blew up. The track has been streamed over 18 million times on Spotify and has over 19 million views on YouTube as of now. Going steady with his career, Loaded's newer tracks of his are also doing similar numbers now.

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