Freddie Gibbs Slams Celina Powell for Insulting His Kid

The rapper takes to his Twitter account to expose the infamous Internet troll who inserts herself in his and DJ Akademiks' drama and says foul things about his kid.

AceShowbiz - Amid his heated beef with DJ Akademiks, Freddie Gibbs found himself being attacked by several other people. That apparently included Celina Powell, who slid into his DM only to tout him about his child.

Freddie quickly took to his Twitter account to expose the infamous Internet troll who inserted herself in the drama and said foul things about his kid. In a screenshot that Freddie shared to his followers, Celina could be seen calling his child "ugly a** kid."

Not stopping there, she added, "Listen I know your child has Down Syndrome n it must be hard raising that b***h but don't be posting MAD OLD S**T . Ak don't live with that b***h so if you're gonna post s**t come correct otherwise it's invalid."

In response to the unnecessary diss, Freddie replied, "Pardon me w***e, who are you?" He went on taking aim at Celina on his caption as he wrote, "Who is this w***e and why is she talkin about my kids? p***y must not be selling in the pandemic."

When he finally figured out who Celina is, he added in a separate post, "Oh this a h** that f**k wit tekashi and @Akademiks no wonder. It's the feds," referring to Ak's pal and rapper 6ix9ine.

reddie Gibbs exposed Celina Powell

Freddie Gibbs exposed Celina Powell for insulting his kids.

People were siding with Freddie on this one. "Imagine coming for someone's child in a beef you aren't even mentioned in," one person wrote on Twitter. "He ended her like Hes the rock," another fan added. Making fun of Celina's spelling mistake, one user said, " 'Invalidaded' damn she invented a new word. So much knowledge."

Ak has been feuding with Freddie after he called the "Oil Money" spitter "irrelevant." He said on Complex's "Everyday Struggle", "If Jeezy [Young Jeezy] is irrelevant, Freddie Gibbs, you are absolutely irrelevant as well."

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