6ix9ine Snitches on Freddie Gibbs' Alleged Shooter

The 'TROLLZ' hitmaker claims he knows who is responsible for the shooting of the 'Crime Pays' rapper and spills the beans while talking with DJ Akademiks on the phone.

AceShowbiz - Tekashi69 a.k.a. 6ix9ine isn't done snitching. The "GOOBA" hitmaker has claimed that he knows the man responsible for Freddie Gibbs shooting and he spilled the beans during a phone conversation with DJ Akademiks.

The entertainment media personality, who has been beefing with Freddie, brought up the topic of the 2014 shooting while calling his good friend and filmed it for his Twitch channel. "Yo, you remember that n***a named Freddie Gibbs," he asked the New York City native.

"Yeah yeah yeah, the n***a that got shot at when he came to New York by Harv," 6ix9ine replied, name-dropping Anthony "Harv" Ellison as the alleged shooter. Harv is a well-known member of the Tr3yway crew. He was one of the two men charged with kidnapping the 24-year-old star.

Akademiks appeared to be surprised by the revelation, saying, "Oh I didn't know that."

In November 2014, a gunman opened fire on Freddie and his entourage, who were riding in a black GMC Denali SU after a show at Rough Trade in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. At the time, it was reported that Freddie's friend, DJ Izzo, got hit in the knee, but he's recovering, while the Indiana-born star was unharmed.

It was said that Freddie, who was having issues with Jim Jones at the time, was the target. Jim is a well-known Tr3yway affiliate. "They chased him shooting," a source said of the incident. "They just didn't hit him."

After the shooting, Freddie bragged about managing to dodge the bullets. "They tried to kill Tupac [Tupac Shakur]," he told the New York Post. "They tried to kill me. I'm still alive." When asked why someone would want to shoot him, the 38-year-old rapper responded, "I'm Freddie Gibbs. They tried to kill me, but I'm still alive."

Akademiks called 6ix9ine about Freddie as he has been feuding with Freddie after he called the "Oil Money" spitter "irrelevant." He said on Complex's "Everyday Struggle", "If Jeezy [Young Jeezy] is irrelevant, Freddie Gibbs, you are absolutely irrelevant as well."

"If Jeezy drop an album right now, he sell 50,000 [units]," he went on arguing. "Relevancy means is your music actually doing anything. And to be honest, other than the few people who f**k with Freddie Gibbs, what relevancy does he have?"

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