Nick Cordero's Wife Breaks Down in Tears During Her Visit to Hospital

Amanda Kloots admits in a new post her husband's arduous struggle with coronavirus and his never-ending roller-coaster journey to recovery has taken a toll on her.

AceShowbiz - Amanda Kloots had an "outburst" in front of hospital staff as she visited her husband Nick Cordero on the 89th day of his Covid-19 hospitalisation.

The "Rock of Ages" star has been under doctors' care since March (20), as he continues to face health complications following a brutal coronavirus battle, which cost him his leg and required him to be fitted with a temporary pacemaker, all while he was in a medically-induced coma.

Nick remains in the ICU (intensive care unit) in a Los Angeles hospital, and Amanda told fans on social media she "had a hard day" on Monday (29Jun20), revealing, "I cried all day basically."

The fitness guru confessed that she "got mad at God" as she expressed her frustrations that, while she and others around the world pray for Cordero's recovery, she felt their family couldn't catch a break.

"I broke big time today; at home, at the hospital in front of doctors and while sitting next to Nick," she wrote. "I couldn't keep it together."

However, Amanda vowed the setback won't stop her from continuing to push forward, insisting, "It's OK to cry, to get mad and say it's not fair."

"I will keep my faith and keep asking for miracles. I will put my armor back on and walk taller tomorrow. I will do the best I can do and make myself as big as I can."

Noting that the past 89 days of watching her husband battle the disease have been "tough," Amanda signed off, "I broke today. I'll be back tomorrow."

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