B. Simone Under Fire Over Past Transgender Comments

During a 2017 appearance on a podcast called 'WHOREable Decisions', the 'Wild 'N Out' star discusses the difference between transgender and transsexual while talking about LGBT community in Atlanta.

AceShowbiz - B. Simone has once again made headlines for the wrong reason. The rapper/singer is facing the wrath of social media users after her past comments about transgender resurfaced online. In a 2017 episode of a popcast called "WHOREable Decisions", she talked about people's acceptance of the LGBTQ community in Atlanta.

"You can't do that s**t in Atlanta, you might get swiped up by a tr***y. Which I have nothing against the LGBT lettuce bacon tomato community but I love all y'all one of my best friends is a tr***y but she's honest and open," she said, adding, "In Atlanta its the DL stuff that's a problem. Yeah its not a problem at all I have friends that are transgender I have friends that are gay one of my best friends is gay."

When the podcast hosts discussed who could be considered a transgender person, B. Simone weighed in on the difference between someone who is taking hormone medications and someone who is a cross dresser. She said, "But they're taking hormones, they're trying to eventually change into a woman like a guy that has breasts and you look like a woman but you have a penis."

They later talked about Caitlyn Jenner. Referring to the former "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star as "he" instead of "she," the comedian gave her two cents, "He still has a penis right? He's transgender. See listen transsexual, transgender means I am now a man calling myself a woman transsexual means you got the sex change. Transgender is like you're a different gender."

People soon weighed in on B. Simone's comments in the old audio, with one person remarking, "B Simone really said, 'I have nothing against the LGBT, Lettuce, Bacon, Tomato community' She really digging that hole deeper and deeper."

"NOT B SIMONE CALLING US THE LETTUCE BACON TOMATO COMMUNITY...," another angry Twitter user wrote. A third one told the "Wild 'N Out" star to just shut up, "At this point B.Simone just needs to be quiet for the rest of the year."

Another person doubted her support for trans community, saying, "If you ever say you have Trans* friends but, talk and think how B Simone does, YOU DON'T HAVE TRANS FRIENDS, baby!" Someone else echoed the sentiment, "b. simone using the term 'tranny' because she has a friend who allows that is a prime example that everyone isn't your friend. THAT IS A SLUR and everyone don't like it. come correct when speaking to trans men and women because you will offend them."

There's a few, however, who came to B. Simone's defense. "Well she is telling the truth about Atlanta," one of them claimed. "And to be it sounds like she was trying to get a better understanding of the terms. Everyone isn't well versed on what doesn't directly apply to them."

Another agreed, "What the hell did she say that was wrong??? I swear ya be over exaggerating every thing." Someone else blasted the critics, "This is reaching."

Earlier this month, B. Simone found herself in the middle of other controversies over her comments about refusing to date men who work 9 to 5 and over plagiarism accusations regarding her book "Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want".

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