Tory Lanez Ridicules B. Simone Over 9-to-5 Workers Comments

B. Simone faces backlash after she tells Nick Cannon some qualifications from a man which may make her interested in them while allegedly shaming people who work a 9-to-5 job in the process.

AceShowbiz - B. Simone sparked outrage after she revealed in a recent interview with Nick Cannon that she wouldn't be dating someone with a 9-to-5 job. The statement appeared to rub people the wrong way as some called her "narcissistic" in their criticism. Among those who chimed in on the matter was Tory Lanez, who took to Twitter to slam B. Simone.

In his Tuesday, June 9 post on the blue bird app, the Canadian star alluded that some 9-to-5 workers are actually richer than rappers. "Lolol i guess no one told my dog B.Simone that the world got ALOT of people who work a 9-5 THAT GET MORE MONEY THAN SOME OF OUR FAVORITE RAPPERS /ENTERTAINERS ?!?!???" he tweeted. "For me on the other hand ... all y'all ladies with 9-5s hit my line I got time. PS and that rhymes."

Tory Lanez weighed in on B. Simone's 9-to-5 workers comments

Tory Lanez weighed in on B. Simone's 9-to-5 workers comments.

B. Simone faced backlash after she told Nick some qualifications from a man which might make her interested in them. "He can't have a 9-5," she revealed. "He can be a hustling entrepreneur," before adding that she wanted someone with "CEO status."

"I think entrepreneurs should date entrepreneurs," she said, explaining that some people would struggle to understand her lifestyle.

Accusing B. Simone of shaming 9-to-5 workers, a fan tweeted, "B. Simone once stated that she only had $42 in her bank account, but now wants to shame 9-5 workers? Even some of the most successful entrepreneurs that i know aren't up working 3 am." Someone else added, "B****es like B. Simone be wanting CEO's but still haven't worked their way up from head receptionist."

"B.Simone steady throwing salt on the wound huh smh 'I can't fw a n***a who working a 9-5' sis, you was homeless before & doing the same s**t.. humble yourself.. please!" another one took a jab at B. Simone. Meanwhile, a person dubbed her "the perfect example of a mf who forgot where they came from."

Catching wind of the criticism, B. Simone fired back at the haters, "I am the only entrepreneur in my family, you think I'm saying f**k family?" She went on ranting during an Instagram Live with LightSkinKeisha, "It's deeper than scheduling and flexibility. It's a mindset."

"You cannot build generational wealth working for somebody. There is nothing wrong working for somebody, everybody doesn't want to be an entrepreneur, but I know my goals for myself and my future family, and I can only reach those goals by being with and marrying an entrepreneur," she continued.

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