The '30 Rock' alum is frustrated that a series of his movie and TV projects have been postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that led to lockdown around the globe.

AceShowbiz - Alec Baldwin is particularly frustrated by the Covid-19 pandemic as it has delayed the best slate of projects he's had in "years."

The 62-year-old actor was due to reunite with director Joel Souza, whose movie "Crown Vic" he produced, to film a new Western, "Rust", before the pandemic hit and halted movie productions across the world. Alec also had police thriller "Blue Before Blood" and TV projects, including an adaptation of "A Few Good Men" in pre-production, so he's peeved that the pandemic hit - and hopes he can get his schedule back on track when lockdown restrictions are lifted.

"I had a year ahead of me, beginning in March, which was quite a lovely schedule," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I had one of the nicest years I can recall in terms of the mix and match of the types of material, with three things in a row that were very, very unique and great opportunities. And then everything got blown to pieces. So everything's been affected."

"Who I'm in first position to now and who I owe my fall schedule to now is being discussed. So Rust is either in the fall or soon thereafter. But it will definitely be within the next 12 months."

Speaking about "Rust" and what drew him to the project, he says, "I love Joel's writing. Love is a word that is so overused, but I really do love his writing. I was going to do Crown Vic, but the schedule kept changing and I wasn't available. So I produced and then when this opportunity came up, on another draft of a script by Joel, I was elated. It wasn't even that I was looking to do a Western, I was just looking for something a little more cinematic with a little less talking."

"There's great dialogue, but the film is balanced by some really stunning cinematics. Hopefully. We haven't shot it yet. But in my mind it looks great."

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