YFN Lucci Disses YK Osiris Over His Flirty Message to Ex Reginae Carter

It starts after YK Osiris takes to his Twitter account to share a video of himself dancing next to a moving car outside what appears to be Reginae's house and asks her to stop leaving him on read.

AceShowbiz - Reginae Carter is on the market following her breakup from YFN Lucci and it isn't surprising to see men trying to shoot their shots at the daughter of Lil Wayne. Among those who tried to get her attention was rapper YK Osiris.

He shared on Twitter a video of himself dancing next to a moving car outside what appears to be Reginae's house. "BAE 'WYA' I'm outside your house. stop leaving me on read !! please I'm the man with the plan @reginae_carter1 !!!!!" so he captioned the clip.

Despite the effort, Reginae didn't seem to be impressed. In response to the tweet, Reginae wrote, "Broooo stop playing with me to try and promote your song! You are not the one for me doing that my guy."

In another post, she continued to make it clear that she wasn't interested in the "Ride" rapper. "What is wrong with this little boy?" she wrote. Reginae, however, had since deleted both tweets.

However, that didn't stop YK Osiris from trying. In a video obtained by The Shade Room, he tried to convince Reginae to give him a chance. "Reginae, c'mon, just give me a chance," the singer, who rocked a necklace with Reginae's face on it, said. "I'm not like these other rappers. I'm gon' give you the world. Stop leaving me on read, baby. Please."

"I know you tire of the bullcrap, n***as doing dumb junk, but I'm not gon' do it," he continued. Referring to Lil Wayne, YK Osiris added, "Yo' daddy gon' like me. I'm gon' give you the world, baby. Listen, and I'm smart. And I love God."

Some celebrities appeared to be supportive of YK Osiris. Writing in the comment section, Kandi Burruss stated, "I actually like the fact he said he loves God & clearly he's into you @colormenae he already rocking your face on his chain... Maybe you should think about it." Rapper Lil Mama added, "@colormenae I mean, HE LOVE GOD tho‼️ at least her him out #cute."

Also among those who reacted to YK Osiris's effort to impress Reginae was Lucci. Seemingly not being happy with that, he said, "Shot aint nun (BRICK) @yksosiris." His response only earned him backlash from fans as one of them asked him to "leave that girl alone." Another one shaded him, "Byeeeeee mr 12 kids."

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