Fans Call for Trina's Firing From Radio Show Due to Looters Comments With Petition

The 'LHH: Miami' star previously sparked outrage over TV star's controversial comments on Black Lives Matter movement protesters whom she called 'animals' for looting Miami.

AceShowbiz - Trina has issued several apologies and explanation after sparking controversies with her comments about looters during George Floyd protests in Miami. Despite that, people didn't seem to forgive her as fans launched a petition to get her fired from her and Trick Daddy's radio show instead.

"Katrina Taylor, aka Trina, is a co-host for the T&T Morning show on 99Jamz here in South Florida. Trina has taken it upon herself to condemn the residents of Miami who participated in the recent protests, live on air, in the most HEINOUS of ways," Shayla Malcolm, who created the petition against the "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" star wrote in the description.

She went on to say that she "did she lump protestors and the handful of looters together, Ms. Taylor took it upon herself to refer to protestors, who were majority Black and people of color, as 'ANIMALS running the streets' " in addition to "valuing her 'friends' store over the reason and importance of the protests," "comparing police brutality and racially enticed murders to someone being killed in a car accident or killed by someone of their own race/community" and "stating she's not afraid of police pulling her over because she carries her license, registration and insurance."

"It is with great disgust that, I, and many other Black Miami natives have to hear such derogatory and disrespectful speech from someone who has only seen success because of OUR support," she continued, before slamming Trina for her "ignorant and grotesque statements." She then demanded, "Trina needs to be removed from this radio show IMMEDIATELY — it is the only way 99Jamz/Cox Media Group can make it up to its listeners." The petition has garnered 12.500 signs as of now.

Trina drew criticism over TV star's controversial comments on Black Lives Matter movement protesters whom she called "animals" for looting Miami. "Keep everybody off the streets, these animals off the streets, that are running around in Miami-Dade county acting like they've escaped from a zoo," Trina previously said on her radio show. Following the backlash, Trina issued several apologies in which she revealed that the murder of George Floyd reminded her of the death of Arthur McDuffie.

"I remember when Arthur McDuffie was killed by police, and the riots that gripped Overtown and Miami as a whole. I was just a kid, living with my family, and it stayed with me. It's just as real now as it was forty years ago," she said in the statement. "From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely apologize fro any grief I have caused. I live my life on the values of respect and regard for all people, and I will continue to do so. None of us are perfect, but thank God, we have the ability to reflect, dissect, and begin anew."

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