Eve 'Trashed' by Fans After Detailing 'Uncomfortable' Race Conversation With White Husband

In a preview for an upcoming episode of 'The [email protected]', the raptress explains that it wasn't the first time she has had 'the most difficult conversations' about race with her hubby.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Eve felt "trashed" by fans on social media after opening up about the "uncomfortable" but "constructive" conversations she's had with her white husband Maximillion Cooper about race.

During a recent episode of U.S. TV show "The Talk", the "Gotta Man" hitmaker admitted the chats she's been having with the Gumball Rally founder, who is white and British, have been tough.

However, in a preview clip for Tuesday's, June 09, episode of "The [email protected]", she confessed, "I got some backlash just recently when I spoke out about myself."

"Me being in an interracial relationship and saying that 'I'm having some of the most difficult conversations that we've ever had'. And some people lit up the comments and trashed me and were questioning whether this was the first time I had had these conversations."

She continued, "I want to be very clear - we have had many conversations because I've been in this relationship for many years. When you enter an interracial relationship, there are conversations you must have - that's just natural."

"So this is not the first one. I've been having some of the most difficult conversations because we are in one of the most difficult places in our nation, in our world, in this time, so that's why I said that it was difficult."

The couple has been married since 2014, and the star is stepmum to Cooper's four children.

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